Ready-to-Go Payloads

Ready-to-Go Payloads

starting at $3450 USD

Our ready-to-go imaging payloads consist of a GeoSnap Pro or a GeoSnap Express pre-integrated with a digital SLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (either true-color or converted to multispectral). The team at Field of View hand-picked the cameras to create payloads that are ideal for aerial mapping operations. These payloads are designed to be plug & play to help you get started imaging as quickly as possible.

Hassle-Free Geotagging
The GeoSnap systems detect image capture events and generate an easy-to-read text file containing camera position and/or attitude data. This file can be directly imported into leading stitching software such as Pix4Dmapper Pro and Agisoft PhotoScan Pro to streamline processing. The position data can also be embedded into the image EXIF data post-flight using Field of View’s Geotility software.

Intelligent Triggering
The GeoSnap systems are equipped with a variety of triggering options to best match your mission objectives. Distance-based triggering provides consistent along-flight-line overlap for efficient data capture. Other trigger modes include external input signal, time-based, and fast-as-possible.

Immediate Feedback
Use the GeoSnap system data logs in conjunction with Field of View’s Geotility software to quickly show your images in a geographic context so you can evaluate the success of your mission and make critical decisions immediately after your flight. This instant feedback helps you increase your productivity and gives you confidence in your operations. Click here to learn more about Geotility.


Payload options
Sony A6000 with GeoSnap Pro or GeoSnap Express
Sony A7r II with GeoSnap Pro or GeoSnap Express
Canon 6D with GeoSnap Pro or GeoSnap Express

GeoSnap system & accessories
DSLR or MILC camera with memory card
Camera lens with protective lens filter