Geotility Software

$350 USD

Geotility uses the image associated position/attitude data that is generated by Field of View’s GeoSnap systems to directly georeference aerial images and view them in Google Earth™ or GIS software only minutes after your flight.

*For orders outside of the US or Canada, please contact Field of View directly at


Make critical decisions immediately after your flight
Geotility allows you to quickly see the overlap, coverage, and content of your images in a geographic context so you can evaluate the success of your mission and make critical decisions immediately after your flight. This instant feedback helps you increase your productivity and gives you confidence in your operations. With the ability to apply NDVI indices, create GeoTIFFS, and embed position data into the images' EXIF, Geotility provides you with just the tools you need to evaluate your mission.

Decrease your processing time
With Geotility, you can easily identify the images that are suitable for mosaicking or that correspond to a specific area of interest. This cuts down on time that would be spent processing or otherwise dealing with unnecessary images.

Quickly share your mission results
Geotility can output results in the form of a GeoTIFF or KMZ file that can be opened and viewed by anyone using Google Earth™ and can be easily shared.
  • Generate KMZs and GeoTIFFs from images and GeoSnap logs
  • Embed position data into the images' EXIF
  • Quickly identify coverage gaps with image footprint display
  • Create NDVI overlays when processing multispectral images