Global Mapper

As an official Global Mapper reseller, Field of View is your one stop shop for any and all Global Mapper software sales and support. The team at Field of View has extensive experience with the software solution and can work hand-in-hand with clients to meet their goals


After placing an order, you will receive the license key via email from Field of View within two business days

*For orders outside of the US or Canada, please contact Field of View directly at


The specific version of Global Mapper you license may be used indefinitely. For the first year after purchase or upgrade, this perpetual license entitles the customer to download all inter-version updates to the software and to receive technical support.

Single Machine-Locked License
The user can de-authorize and re-authorize the license directly using the license manager, without having to contact Field of View or Blue Marble. Users are permitted to re-authorize the single-user, machine-locked license to a different machine up to two times per year. Any additional re-authorizations require the user to contact sales or technical support. Please be sure that a removal code (using the license removal tool found in the license manager), can be generated to verify a license has actually been de-authorized. This is required for all legacy license moves (14.x or higher).

Single Floating License
The floating license" is a portable license that may be transferred to any one workstation that is running the software in "Evaluation Mode". It may not be used concurrently or simultaneously between two workstations. The user must check-out and check-in the license via the license manager interface in the software. The user must remove and release the license file via the license manager interface in the software before authorizing a new workstation.
Global Mapper offers an extensive collection of analysis and data processing tools in a truly affordable package. Providing support for virtually every known spatial file format as well as direct access to common spatial databases, this remarkable application can read, write, and analyze all of your current data.
  • Powerful 2D/3D data viewer and editor
  • Output customer-useable data files such as 3D pdfs or KMZ/KML files
  • 3D fly-through video recorder
  • Extensive data format support (over 250 different raster, vector, and elevation data types)
  • Terrain analysis tools (cut and fill calculation, contour creation, terrain modification/flattening, view shed calculation, watershed delineation, and more!)
  • Data processing tools (reprojection, feature extraction, attribute management, batch processing, etc.)
  • Raster calculator for multi-band imagery
  • 14-bit TIFF viewer
Geotility uses the image associated position/attitude data that is generated by Field of View's GeoSnap systems to directly georeference aerial images and overlay them onto Google Earth™ background imagery.

Pix4D and Agisoft PhotoScan Pro are world-class stitching software that allow users to generate high resolution georeferenced orthomosaics and exceptionally detailed DEMs/textured polygonal models.