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  • Rent for 1 Year or 30 Days
  • Unlimited processing*
  • Desktop + Cloud
  • Support & Upgrade included
Perpetual License, Educational, and Non-Commercial
  • Perpetual Desktop software
  • Unlimited processing*
  • Desktop + Cloud
  • Support, Upgrade & Cloud included for 1 Year (optional as of 2nd year)
Educational License Conditions When purchasing an Educational license of Pix4Dmapper Pro, you declare that:
  • Pix4Dmapper EDU will not be used for any commercial purposes
  • Pix4Dmapper EDU will only be used for Educational/Teaching purposes and/or scientific research
  • Pix4D and Pix4Dmapper EDU will be cited in all publications and papers
  • You or your institution will keep Pix4D updated about the usage of Pix4Dmapper EDU upon request
  • If possible, you or your institution will facilitate the exchange and sharing of datasets, case studies, teaching material and/or publications with Pix4D, to be used for research and marketing purposes
*Cloud processing is unlimited based on fair usage policy, conditions may change at any time **Desktop can run on 2 devices simultaneously one desktop and one laptop
3D Point Cloud 
The densified point cloud gives users their first form of 3D visualization with minimal processing time required. Survey grade accuracy can be obtained throughout the point cloud.

3D Textured Mesh
 Fully textured 3D models can help the user share ideas and provide the perfect form of visualization for potential clients.

High resolution aerial maps that are geo-located, allowing the user to manipulate and analyze their spatial data with high confidence.

Digital Surface Model
 An accurate depiction of the ground to help the user in further analysis of data.
These maps are created by measuring reflectance with multispectral cameras. The results provide crucial information to plant health and allow farmers to better monitor their crops and increase their yields.

Precise and easy to calculate, the volume tool allows users to efficiently measure stock pile volumes with only a few clicks

Environmental Monitoring 
The orthomosaic aides in environmental research, such as invasive species classification.

Infrastructure Inspection
The point cloud gives the ability to inspect and measure all aspects of the feature being studied.

Contour Lines
A form of visual elevation change throughout the mapped area.

Google Tiles 
The orthomosaic can be exported in formats which can be directly integrated into both Google Earth and Google Maps.
Geotility uses the image associated position/attitude data that is generated by Field of View's GeoSnap systems to directly georeference aerial images and overlay them onto Google Earth™ background imagery.

Global Mapper offers an extensive collection of analysis and data processing tools in a truly affordable package. Providing support for virtually every known spatial file format as well as direct access to common spatial databases, this remarkable application can read, write, and analyze all of your current data.

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